January CLPT

Poker Chips     The inaugural event to the 2007 season of the Club Leitrim Poker Tour will be Friday January 5th, 2007 at 7:00pm sharp. The leader board has been wiped out so this is your chance to start early and accumulate some points and qualify for the the big stack, big money, tournament of champions.

Changes this year:

  1. Friday events
  2. New blind levels with antes
  3. Withholding 2$ from every buyin to add to the Tournament of Champions tournament payout in December
  4. New point formula Tournament Points = (sqrt(((a * b) * (b / c))) / (d + 1.0)) where

    a = Number of Players
    b = Buy-in Amount
    c = Total Expense (Buy-in + Re-buy)
    d = Player Finish

    that rewards players who
    • Last longer in a tournament
    • Play in more tournaments (you can’t win once and sit out the rest of the season)
    • Do better in larger tournaments (the winner of a 16-player $20 buy-in tournament will get more points than the winner of a 10-player $20 buy-in tournament
    • Rewards fewer re-buys

Buy-in continues to be 20$ and an optional 5$ bounty, with unlimited re-buys (no rebuying of bounty) in the first round. You can confirm your attendance by emailing the CLPT Office or leaving a comment below.


  • marc

    So far we have confirmed
    Marc R, Paul M, Paul H, Roger M, Kevin S, Johnny, Colin, Eric, Marc W, JP
    Bruce, Lynn, Jean J, Pierre J, Dan S, Mike J, Sean O, Joel, Marc Le
    Doug, Brian, Scott (+2)

  • Sean O'Keefe

    hopefully not too late to enter the 1st event of the year….if not, I’m in…