New Website

Welcome to the new site. The main reason behind the switch was to get this content out of I also took the opportunity to prune some stuff and update some more.

What’s gone: The forum. It didn’t get much use and some managers would rather use the yahoo site. I’ve added a graffiti wall on the bottom of this page to spew your spontaneous words of wisdom, otherwise we’ll try the chatting at yahoo.

What’s updated: The news and blogs pages have been updated with new content. There is dedicated sens and leafs news on the right and current nhl news on the left. More teams can be added on the right hand side, so email me if have a favorite. I’m trying to provide a one stop shop for nhl news so if you have another source that i can add, let me know.

Let me know if there is anything else the website can have to make it usedfull to you.