December Tournament of Champions

poker-lynnNot even an ice storm and a power outage could keep our 2006 point leaders from gathering and fighting it out to be crowed the tournament of champions winner.
Roxy and Johnny graciously allowed the tourney to be hosted at Swantel headquarters as Club Leitrim suffered a power outage and could not host the tourney. Everything was bagged and packed, then transferred down russell road. The tourney started with low blinds and lots of chips.

Blinds were initially set at 10/20 and all players started with 10000 chips. Our esteemed host was to first to get knocked out 2 hours into the tourney. It wasn’t until round 8 when the rest of the players started dropping off. Finally, at 1:38am, Lynn beat Doug heads-up to become to first ever Tournament of Champion winner.

Full details available here.

Well done Lynn!