February Date Announced

Poker Chips     The CLPT office has announced that Friday, February 16th will be the date of the second tournament of the 2007 season. Continuing on the success of the January event, the buy-in continues to be 20$ and an optional 5$ bounty, with unlimited re-buys (no rebuying of bounty) in the first round. You can confirm your attendance by emailing the CLPT Office or leaving a comment below. The only change at this event will be an elimination of a mid level round as well as shortening the lengths of the later rounds, with the goal of keeping tournament durations in the 4-4.5 hour range.

Marc R, Paul H, Paul M, Roger M, Kevin S, Eddie D, Eric T, Johnny S, JP, Marc La, Jeff L, Chrystal
Martin R, Marc Le
Bruce K, Lynn K, Jean J, Mike J, Dan S, Pierre J, Sean O
Doug V, Brian F, Scott S

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