Small change to point formula

A small change is being done to the point formula.

The current formula of

sqrt(( (numberOfPlayers * buyinCost) * ( buyinCost / TotalCost) )) / (rank+1.0)

has a problem with total cost. The total cost included the bounty cost which means that players who did not buy a bounty had a slight point advantage as the bounty cost worked to reduced the points awarded.

The forumla has been changed to:

sqrt(( (numberOfPlayers * buyinCost) * ( buyinCost / (buyinCost+rebuyCost)) )) / (rank+1.0)

where TotalCost is replaced by buyinCost+rebuyCost which makes bounty players on a level playing field by not taking into account the bounty altogether.

The leader board has been changed accordingly.