April Date Announced

The CLPT office has announced that Friday, April 27th, is the date of the next event of the 2007 season. This event will be our first large scale garage tournament of the season. Buy-in will be 25$, with no re-buys and no bounties. We are expecting 40 players, therefore this is your chance to climb up the CLPT leaderboard.
You can confirm your attendance by emailing the CLPT Office or leaving a comment below.


Marc R, Paul H, Paul M, Roger M, Johnny, Kevin, Garnet, Joe, Carole, JP,Steve S, Jim W, Kien, Roxy, Brian ?, Eric T
Bruce, Lynn, Pierre J, Dan, Mike, Sean, Jean-Guy B, Joel L
Martin R, Marc Le
Doug, Pete G, Cheril, Brian f, Bernie G
Louis, Yuan,Greg,Al, Bruce 8, Paul F, Moe R
Scott S, Trevor M, Tanya M, Mike L, Jess B
Jean, PAG, Matt G

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