April Tournament Summary

Our first garage event of the year attracted a record 45 players which generated a pot of over 1000$.  Many new faces combined with our steadfast regulars added up to a great night of poker.  The tournament started at 7:18 with two quick exits from Pete and Pierre at 7:25 and 7:27.   More players fell in the first and following rounds.  Over half the field were knocked out in the first 5 rounds and by 11:30 we finally determined our final table of Jean, Trevor, Kevin, Matt, Garnet, Lynn, Doug, and Jean-Guy.  It took one hour to determine our winner.   Lynn came back from a low stack to grab third place, Doug could not overcome the chip leader’s big stack and settled for a solid second.  Jean-Guy continues the trend of new CLPT players winning the tournament by beating out 44 other players and earning him top spot.

Jean-Guy’s win vaults him to second place on the CLPT leaderboard.  Lynn and Doug make strong gains on the year long league point totals, and Garnet retakes the lead with his strong 4th place finish.

    The cash game started as soon as a table was freed up and by all accounts the action was fast and furious.  A second tournament of 12 players also was held once the cash game broke up.

Our hard core players continued throughout the night playing cash and mini tournaments until 7:00am were we came to our senses and headed home.

The sidebar on the right has the tournament summary as well as the updated CLPT leaderboard.   The May tournament date will be announced shortly.

A big thanks to Doug and Anne for letting us turn their garage into our poker room
Sandra and Jo for being tournament directors and keeping things on track throughout the evening.