June Event Summary

Catch-Up Time

Players headed back to the basement for the mid point tourney of the year. A full house of 27 players turned their attention to the leaderboard as it was catch up time with the top point leaders unable to make significant gains.

A new bull’s eye bounty was introduced which will be extra pressure on last month’s winner. Our eventual winner, Joe, took out Johnny late in the tourney to win the 27$ special bounty. Please vote in this week’s poll so that we can gage interest in the new bounty.

The tourney progressed very well with a steady line of busted our players throughout the evening. Until the final table where it took 45 minutes for the first player to bust out. Once the regimbalds were busted out in sequential order in 8th, 7th, and 6th, Joe took over the table by knocking out Johnny, Paul, Dan, then winning heads-up against Louis who took his small chip stack as far as possible.

Congrats to Joe for his first win of the year and the privilege of having the bulls eye bounty at the next event.