July Event Summary

It`s getting crowded up top

The July event was an invitational affair with the top players on the leader board being invited to prove their worth. The event turned into the battle of the big stacks where Marc and Kevin took out 14 of the 18 players.

Marc ended up in 5th place with an unsuccessful (and some would say ill-advised) attack against fellow big stacker Kevin. Carole, Lynn, and Brian hung in and watched the fireworks and ended up 4th, 3rd, and 2nd. Kevin continued with his consistent play he has shown all season and captured his first event of the season. The win vaults him to second place on the leader board.

Once again the leader board leaders had a poor showing with the top 4 finishing in the bottom 6 of the event. As a result, it`s getting crowded with a couple of 0.01 differences. Johnny, Doug, Garnet and Joe will need to step it up in the next events to regain the momentum of earlier successes.

The next event will be very late August or more likely early September as we pause for the busy holiday season. Have a great summer and we`ll see you back soon.