July Invitational

Things are getting very busy at Club Leitrim but were squeezing in one more tourney before going on a summer break. This tournament is an invitational event limited to 20 players.

Priority is given to the point leaders; therefore watch your email box for your exclusive invitation. Buy-in for this tourney is 25$ with no bounties, unlimited re-buys in the first round. The bull’s eye bounty will in effect for Joe.

No drop-ins will be accepted as were maxing at two tables, therefore watch for your invitation email. We’ll return to the three table format in September where we’ll have more time to prepare for large scale tournaments. Thank you for your understanding.


Marc, Roger,Kevin,Scott, Johnny,Louis, Eric, Steve, Joe, Carole, Garnett, Jim, Paul H
Bruce, Lynn, Pierre, Jean-guy
Doug, Brian F