October Date Announced

The next and final point game is October 12th, 2007 at 7:00pm. The normal stakes are in effect, 20$ buy-in with unlimited re-buys in the first round with an optional 5$ bounty. Carole will hold the bull’s eye bounty.

You can confirm your attendance by replying to the CLPT Office or leaving a comment at the website

Marc, Lynn, Roger, Doug, Kevin, Jim, Paul H, Carole, Steve, Eric, Marc Le, Louis, Paul F, Yuan, Martin
Garnet, Dan, Scott, Paul M, Ian, Sean, Cheryl, Roxy, Johnny, Jean-Guy, Kevin, Lee, Brian F, Caroline

For players interested in the tournament of champions, here is a reminder of the tournament of champions rules (every one is invited to the October event):

The tournament of champions is a big stack tournament held at the end of the calendar year. Buy in is 40$ with no bounties or rebuys.
Two (2$) dollars from each buy-in and re-rebuy (minus approved expenses) from each event during the year will be added to the tournament of champions pot. A player must have played in at least 50% of the tournaments during the year to be eligible to play in the tournament of champions. The seats in the tournament
of champions are assigned as follows:

2 seats for the CLPT Hosts
8 seats from the top of the CLPT leaderboard
1 seat will be allocated to the TOC satellite tournament winner

The TOC satellite rules are as follows:

Buy-in 20$, no rebuys, no addons, no bounty
Prize allocation:

1st Place: Entry to the TOC tournament + 40$ cash
2nd Place: 30$ cash.
The remaining money is allocated to the TOC pot.

In the event the 1st Place winner cannot attend the TOC, the TOC entry will be offered to the next available player as per the rank in the satellite tournament.

In 2007, we are having 10 tournaments; therefore the minimum number of games for playing in the tournament of champions is 5 tournaments.

In November we will be having a satellite tournament for your last chance at making it into the tournament of champions and a special tournament for the point leaders.

A reminder as well that the Tournament of Champions is being held Saturday, December 1st, 2007 and the pot will be over 1000$ for the top two finishers