Tournament of Champions Update

The tournament of Champions will be held December 1st, 2007.

The tournament is a 40$ buy-in and includes the money collected throughout the season.  The estimated pot this year is 900$ being paid to the two top players.

The tournament of champions is reserved as follows:
2 seats for the CLPT Hosts
8 seats from the top of the CLPT leaderboard
1 seat will be allocated to a special TOC satelite tournament (details coming soon).

Players must of played in 50% of this year’s tournaments to be eligible for this special tournament.  For this year, players, must of played 4 tournaments if we have 8 tournaments, or 5 tournaments if there are 9 tournaments.
Leaderboard players in the running
Johnny, Jean-Guy*, Kevin, Garnet, Joe, Scott, Lynn, Paul H

Potential Runner-Ups
Dan, Martin, Bruce, Steve, Carol, Louis, Roger