Tournament of Champions Results

Its poker time

Eleven players gathered to decide who is the best of the best. The poker did not disappoint as players got down to business and kept the chit-chat to a minimum. Garnet was the first man out as he put too much faith in is Ace when an ACE showed up on the flop. Jean-Guy sat waiting in the weeds with AA and got most of Garnet’s chip on the second hand of the night.

Lynn was next getting rivered by Jean-Guy’s miracle card. Blinds then got the better of Kevin, Johnny, Marc, Scott, and Carole within an hour’s time.

With four players left, Joe Bruce, Doug and Jean-Guy were all even stack wise. Joe was first of the final of four, while Bruce did his best to get into the money, but came out short.IMG_8560

Jean-Guy and Doug then discussed a possible deal and being equal in chips decided to split the pot 50/50.

The tournament put a close on a successful 2007 season.

Player of the Year: Johnny

Top Money Maker: Jean-Guy ($1221) Most Wins: Jean-Guy (3) Most Takeouts: Johnny (35)

Most final Tables (6): Scott, Paul H, Kevin Most Playing Time: Scott (49h, 16m, 32s)