February Results


 The second event was held the same day as a major snow storm.  Nevertheless,  21 players braved the elements for their poker fix.

A first for the CLPT, JP beat a full house with his royal flush.   Congrats!!!


Roger suprised everyone with his strong third place finish.   Jean-Guy finshed second, and once again Sean finished strong by winning the tournament.  With his second place finish last month,  Sean takes control of the leader board.


Here’s the leaderboard after two tournaments.

Sean 18.41
Joe 15.18
Jean-Guy 7.70
Pierre 7.16
Roger 6.87
Marc R 6.61
Louis 5.06
Steve 4.64
Jean 4.1
Paul M 3.81


The full initial leader board is available here.


  • Kevin

    Roger finishing strong is no surprise, I predicted he would be the 2008 Champion in the year opening Poll on this website!


  • Jean-Pierre

    Hope you had a nice vacation. Just wondering when the next poker tourney will be!

  • Roger

    What’s with that? Surprise that I finished 3rd?
    The only SURPRISE is that I didn’t finish 1st.
    Thanks for the support Kev.

    Ditto, when’s the next tourney?