March Event Details

Seats are still available


for tonight’s game.



The CLPT is announcing that March 28th is the date of the third tournament of the year. Start time is 7:00pm which will be strictly abided by. Please confirm by leaving a comment below or by email

The following players have confirmed
Marc, Martin, Doug, Lynn, Bruce, Paul H, Dan, Sean, JP, Cheryl, Joe, Carol, Jean, Mike, Pierre, Pete, Paul M, Roger, Garnet, Brian, Jon, Marty, Kevin, Scott, Johnny, Joel, Jim Wa, Jim Wi, Louis

Seating is limited to the first 30 players, therefore ensure you confirm your seat as we were forced to put players on the standby list last month

Registration is from 6:00pm-6:45pm. Seating will begin at 6:45pm with a start of 7:00pm.

  • Buy-in is 25$ with unlimited re-buys of 20$ in the first round.
  • This event is being held in the basement location. Enter through the garage door
  • If you can enjoy the snacks during the games, consider bringing something to share as well.
  • Parking in the driveway is limited, therefore in consideration of others, the deeper in the driveway you park the later you must stay
  • Any other questions can be left below

    2008 Leaders

    Sean 18.41
    Joe 15.18
    Jean-Guy 7.7
    Pierr 7.16
    Roger 6.87
    Marc 6.61
    Louis 5.06
    Steve 4.64
    Jean 4.41
    Paul M 3.81

    Please confirm below