May Tournament News


The CLPT is announcing that May 23rd is the date of the May event. Start time is 7:00pm which will be strictly abided by. Please confirm by leaving a comment below or by email.

The following players have confirmed

Marc, Doug, Johnny, Paul H, Paul M, Roger, Lynn, Sean, Jean-Guy, Brian, JP, Joe, Carole, Paul F, Louis, Dan, Cheryl, Pete, Kevin, Bruce, George, Scott, Steve, Jon, Marty, Ed, Max, Brent, Keith, Mike C, Kevin M, Theresa, Bryson, Martin, Jim Wa, Madeline, Stephane C

This will be our first garage event of the season.

Registration is from 6:00pm-6:45pm. Seating will begin at 6:45pm with a start of 7:00pm.

  • Buy-in is 25$ with unlimited re-buys of 20$ in the first round.
  • This event is being held in the garage location. Parking is on the street
  • If you can enjoy the snacks during the games, consider bringing something to share as well.
  • Parking in the driveway is limited, therefore in consideration of others, the deeper in the driveway you park the later you must stay
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    Any other questions can be left below

    Some movement on top of the leaderboard due to some poor showings in the April tourney by the leaders. The exception is Joe who returns to the top of the leaderboard with his third place finish, and Johnny vaults to third overall with his April win.

    2008 Leaders

    Joe 21.10
    Sean 19.70
    Marc R 12.22
    Colin Mc
    Marty 11.45
    Louis 10.35
    Roger 9.74
    Jean-Guy 9.95

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