December Poker Weekend


Congratulations to John for for winning the 2008 CLPT Season.

Final Standings are

Player Points
John 54 Johnny 38 Cheryl 31 Sean 31 Joe 30 Bruce 27 Marc R 25 Carole 24 Scott 23 Louis 23 Dan 21 Doug 20

The following players are eligible to participate in the Tournament of champions with a 1000$ prize pool
John, Johnny, Cheryl, Sean, Joe, Bruce, Marc R, Carole, Scott, Louis, Doug, Satellite winner

The following players are eligible to participate in the special satellite tournament, where a buy-in will be awarded to the tournament of champions
Dan, George, Roger M, Steve, Lynn, JP, Garnet, Pete, Jean-Guy, Jim Wi, Brian F, Paul M, Keith, Theresa

During the satelite tournament is in progress, a special heads-up tournament will be held. The following players are eligible to play in the heads up tournament:
Johhny, Cheryl, Sean, Joe, Bruce, Marc R, Carole, Scott, Louis, Doug, Marc L, Roger M

Names in bold are confirmed. Please indicate below if you are attending any of these events. Responses after Wednesday, are first come first server as we will expand the invites as required. If you will not attending an event that you`ve invited we appreciate an RSVP as well.

  • Tournament of Champions Satellite Tourney: December 5th 7:00pm.
  • Tournament of Champions heads-up warm up event: December 5th 7:00pm.
  • Tournament of Champions: Saturday December 6th 5:30pm Start


  • Joe & Carole

    We’ll both be there on the 5th for the Heads-up warm up and on the 6th for the Tournament of Champions.

    Thank you.

  • Sean

    I’m in for the TOC, but won’t be there for the heads up



  • steve

    will be there on 5th

  • Theresa

    I volunteer to donate my money – hand by hand – in the special satellite tournament! See you Friday!   ~Theresa

  • Bigjim

    Unfortunatly I cannot make any of the Tornaments.  Sorry I will be there to donate my money.
    CU next year !

  • jon b


    i won’t be there for the friday event but as far as I know Keith will be there Friday.  Good luck to everyone on Saturday–sorry I can’t be there.  Thanks to everyone for a really fun year of poker–it has been great getting to know everyone.

    See you all in January and Merry Christmas to everyone!!!

  • Jean-Guy Bolduc

    Salut Marc, I won’t attend the satelite tournament because if by any chance I win, I would not be able to attend on Saturday.   Good luck to everyone in the TOC.  See you all next year.

  • louis seguin

    Im in everything …..

  • Dan S

    I’ll be there for the satellite.

  • Cheryl

    Hi Marc,

    I will be there Friday for the heads up tournament as well as Saturday for the tournament of champions.

  • Jean-Pierre

    Hi Marc,

    The tournament falls on my work Christmas party. Sorry but I can’t attend. Good luck to all and Merry Christmas. See you all in the New Year. JP

  • Brian Faubert

    Hi Marc
     Count me in for the satellite.
     Brian F