November CLPT News

The November event is Full! Check the site on the weekend for the end of year results and your opportunity to play on the CLPT poker weekend, December 5th and 6th.

The CLPT is announcing that November 28th (sorry Bruce!) is the date of the November event. Start time is 7:00 pm which will be strictly abided by. A reminder that this is your last event to qualify for the December events. Players must of played at least 6 tournaments to be eligible to play in the December tournaments (both the satelite and the TOC).

The event is returning it roots, the basement location. This event is limited to 20 players.

The following players have confirmed

Marc, Johnny, Doug, Scott, Roger, Roger, Garnet, Joe, Carol, Paul, Pete, JP, Brian, Dan S, Sean, Jon, Cheryl, Roxy, Jim, Keith

Registration is from 6:00pm-6:50pm. Seating will begin at 6:50pm with a start of 7:00pm.

Please confirm below.

Important Dates as we come to the end of the season

Important note: You must of played at least 6 tourneys in 2008 to qualify to play in the December events. Please check your buy-ins on the leader board stats page.

  • Tournament of Champions Satellite Tourney: December 5th 7:00pm.
  • Tournament of Champions heads-up warm up event: December 5th 7:00pm.
  • Tournament of Champions: Saturday December 6th 5:30pm Start

The top ten so far

John 52.66 Johnny 35.73 Joe 29.39 Sean 29.08 Cheryl 28.90 Bruce 27.47 Louis 22.64 Carole 22.44 Scott 21.70 Dan S 19.28 George 19.13

The top 8 qualify for the TOC tourney.