January Wrap-Up

Joe wins the first event of the 2009 season, however he did not get his full points because of rebuy.  The top fiver were

  1. Joe
  2. Keith
  3. Caroline
  4. Carole
  5. Roger D

The bounty rules have been clarified:

  • Bull`s eye:  A player may win the bull`s eye bounty even though they have re-bought.   The Bull`s Eye bounty continues to be in play regardless of a re-buy of  the targeted player.  The bull`s eye targeted player may win the bounty by winning the tournament.  In the event the Bull`s eye bounty surrenders his chips in favor of a re-buy and consequently wins the tournament, the Bull`s Eye prize is awarded to the second place winner.
  • Regular Bounty:   A player who surrenders their stack in favor of a re-buy during the first round, also surrenders their bounty chip.    A player who is knocked out by a player who has re-bought must surrender their bounty chip.   All surrendered bounty chips will be added to the Tournament of Champions pot.

These rules have been added the CLPT house rule manual located in the resource section.

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