October Event Details

The next date on the CLPT is October 16th, 2009

Start time is 7:00 pmwhich will be strictly abided by.

This event will be our open house tournament and are therefore aiming for 40 players. If you have friends that want to play, this is the event to bring them. Firm attendance required, and late cancellations will be frowned upon. Please indicate names and last name initial when confirming. Lots of points will be available for grabs.

This event is being held in the garage location. Please bring your coolers as the fridges are not be available.

The following players have confirmed

Marc, Johnny, Doug, Pete, Jp, Jean-Guy B, Stephane G, Joe,  Carole, Dan S, Roger D, Garnet, Roger M, Steve, Marc P, Brian F, Lynn, Bruce, Theresa, Jean Guy, Scott L, Frank V, Dave P, Cheryl, Louis, Scott S, Steph P, Pat C, Brandie, Bob, Lise, David H, Mick Cl, Dan V, Denis S, Keith

Registration is from 6:00pm-6:50pm. Seating will begin at 6:50pm with a start of 7:00pm. If you like having the food that is available, please contribute as well.


Please confirm below.

Update #1:

We are still looking for 7 more players.  Due to the large number of players, the buy is 30$ with no bounties.  Please arrive by 6:45 so that we can start on time.

Update #2:

The November tournament is November 6th.

The December poker weekend is December 4th and 5th.   On the fourth, we will have the tournament of champions sattelite tournament as well as a heads-up tournament for those who are not playing in the sattelite.  The tournament of champions will be held on December 5th.  Both the sattelite and tournament of champions are only open to players who have played in at least six tournaments from January to November of this year.  The heads up tournament will be open to everyone.   Check the website for your eligibility to play in these tournaments.

The January tournament will be held on January 8th.   Open spots are available to join the league therefore check back for more information.