August Tournament Information

The summer garage circuit continues with the August 20th edition of the CLPT located at the garage location.

The event begins promptly at 7:00pm. Late arrivals are accepted until the end of the first round.

Please keep your beverages to cans (no bottles please) to help keep the location clean.

The event is limited to the first 36 players to sign up.

Please bring snacks to share with others if you enjoy them yourself. Also, please keep your drinks to cans to ease the clean up effort.

Rule Change:  Players registrating prior to 6:45pm will be allocated an extra 500$ blue chip

Please sign up below

Players confirmed: Marc, Doug, Johnny,  Bob, Lise, Joe, Carole, Cheryl, Dave, Pete,  Roger M,Roger D, Dan S, David B, JP, JF, David H, Garnet S, Louis, Keith, Mark P, Pat, Steph, Theresa