July Event Information

The 2011 Club Leitrim Poker Tour continues its summer session on July 15th, 2011.

This will be an “open” event and all are welcome to bring guests. We would like to see 40 players attend the tournament. For our regular players, this will be the opportunity to gather additional points as the point formula is weighted on the number of players.

We will be playing in the basement

Confirmed Players:

Marc R, Doug, Ray, Roger D, Paul M, Dan S, Cheryl, Dave P, Dave H, Steph, Shwn, Serge L, Diane L, Joe, Carole, Lise, Bob, Roger M, Mike,  Theresa, Scott, Garnet, Louis, Lynn, Bruce, Cecile, Steve, Brandie, Pat, JF, Russ, Leona

Event Details

The event begins promptly at 7:00pm. Late arrivals are accepted until the end of the first round.

Please keep your beverages to cans (no bottles please) to help keep the location clean. There is no fridge available.

Please bring snacks to share with others if you enjoy them yourself.

Players registrating prior to 6:45pm will be allocated an extra 500$ blue chip.

*** The following is being added to the house rules and will be enforced ***
3. Player’s chips must be in stacks of the same denomination and higher denomination stacks must be clearly visible, front and center.