Event #2 Information

The CLPT continues on with its next event on January 18th.  Changes this year include:

  1. Buy-in is 35$ including the bounty and the initial chip stack will be increased to 4000$.   Re-buys will be 30$ and will get you a new stack of 3500$.
  2. Any player not present at the start of the tournament and not accounted for will lose a blue chip.
  3.  The portion going to the end of year prize pool will be increased by 1$ for a total of 6$
  4. Two new end of year prizes
    1. The Player of the Year (POY) will receive 10% of the end of  year prize pool and will have their TOC fee paid (approx value 400$)
    2. The King of the Bounties (KOB) will receive 5% of the end of the year prize pool (approx value 200$)
  5. We will accept pre-paid no shows.  Please see the house rules for how this will be handled

Events begin at 7:00pm sharp.  Any late players who have not pre-paid will lose a 500$ chip at the start of the tournament.   There is no boots in the basement location, therefore bring alternate footwear.  In addition, there is a limit of 30 players per event until we move to the garage location in the spring.

Please bring snacks to share with others if you enjoy them yourself.

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