December Wrap-Up

Tournament of Champions Wrap-Up

Congratulations to Pete for winning the tournament of champions, with the help of a royal flush against Steph’s four of a kind, which provided plenty of excitement in the first round.



Final payouts of the year

Tournament of Champions

Pete 2000$

Marc 1000$

Dave 500$

Player Of The Year

Steph 400$

King Of The Bounties

Joe 200$

Bad Beat Of The Year

Steph – Sleepless Nights

And the consolation prize for the lucky 100$




Thanks everyone for a great year



  • Johnny

    Congrats to both Pete and Steph, Pete good job on winning. Steph congrats to setting the bar super high for the best bad beat in Club Leitrim! Johnny

  • JP

    Congrats Pete. I’m sure Steph took over Pete’s famous line. ” I hate this fukin game” Happy Holidays to all. See you next year.