Event #9 Information and Sign Up

The CLPT signup is now open for it’s next event on June 27nd, 2014.

Buy-in will be 40$ as well as rebuys.  Both buy-ins and rebuys will receive a $4000 stack. Events begin at 7:00pm sharp.

There is a limit of 30 players for each event.  Therefore seats are reserved for existing players until the thursday prior to the event.   New players will then be accepted to fill up to our limit.

Please bring snacks to share with others if you enjoy them yourself. Confirm your attendance below.

Please revisit the site to check for cancellations when the event is full.

Pizza Patio.   The patio will be open from 5:00pm.  We’ll be enjoying pizza before the start of the tournament until 6:15pm.  Please indicate at signup if you’re interested.  Costs will be split evenly.