December Poker Weekend

Congratulations to Scott for winning player of the year for 2014 with 10 final tables including five top 3 finishes.  He also takes home the king of the bounty prize for the most knockouts.   Scott is our first repeat POY.


Tournament of Champions

Attention now turns to the Tournament of Champions.   The following players have qualified for the event being held on December 6th at 1:00pm with a buy-in of 40$.

Scott, Shawn, Robert, Bob, Garnet, Steph, Dave P, Mike, Marc, Johnny

There is one seat reserved for a house choice which is:  Cecile.

Tournament of Champions players are asked to confirm their attendance below.


There is an additional seat that will be awarded to the winner of the satellite tournament.

The following players have played at least 8 events and have qualified for the satellite event:

Doug, Mel, Roger M, Joe, Peter M, David H, Martine, Carole, JF, Cheryl, Cecile, JP, Pete, Pat, Manon, Paul M, Steve, Lise, Johnny

Please confirm below if you will be attending the satellite tournament which is being held on December 5th at 7:00pm with a 25$ buyin.  The only prize being awarded at this tournament is a free entry to the tournament of champions the following day.


  • Scott

    I’m in for T.O.C. Thanks

  • Roger M

    I will play in the satellite tournament.
    Thank you and congrats to Scott for being Player of the Year once again.

  • Robert

    I’m in for TOC thanks

  • Cheryl Lomas

    I’m in for the satellite

  • Shawn

    I am in for the TOC. Martine will be coming for the Satellite game. I will also come for the Satellite and will volunteer for Dealer duty for one of the tables if the players don’t mind.

    Bribes will be accepted. Rates as follows. Pocket Aces $20, Pocket Kings $15. Suites Aces for Joe $5 and Pocket 6’s for Pete only for free (Don’t worry he will fold them anyway). :)

    Congrats to Scott on 1st place! Looking forward to the TOC.

  • mel

    yep, never know what can happen!
    congrats Scott! :)

  • The Professor

    A slight miscalculation on my part…I am not able to attend the TOC.
    If it is allowed, I will give my “ticket” to Cheryl.
    Otherwise, Doug owes me a bottle of (expensive) Scotch for his back door qualification.

    Congrats Scott. Good luck everyone in the satellite and the TOC.
    Thanks Marc and Cecile.
    See everyone next season.

  • mikeC

    I’m in for the TOC!

  • To clarify the TOC rule. The top 8 in rank are invited to the TOC. If a player can not make it, then the next player in rank is invited. This is what we did last year when Steve could not make it.

    The next player in rank is Marc.

    A separate entry is provided at the CLPT host’s discretion as a perk of hosting. As Marc is now in the top leaders, this spot will go to Cecile.

    The issue of players unable to attend the TOC will be discussed at the meeting of the board during this year’s tournament. The ability to give or sell a TOC ticket or perhaps keeping the TOC date flexible until all players can attend are solutions that will be discussed.

  • Garnet Sauve

    I’ll be therefor thr TOC

  • David H


    Count me in for the Satellite


  • JP

    Count me in for the Satillite. Congrats Scott

  • PaulM

    I’m not available that weekend, see you in the new year.

  • Joe & Carole

    Joe and I will play the satellite.

    Well done Scotty! Congratulations.

  • S.payant

    I’m in for t.o.c. Thanks

  • The Professor

    Thanks for the clarification – Marc/Cecile owe me the expensive bottle of Scotch.

  • Doug V

    I’m in.

  • Peter Murton

    I will play the Satellite.

    Congratulations Scott!

  • pat cyr

    I’m in.

  • steve

    Manon and I will play satellite thanks.
    Congrats to all those that made big game.

  • Lise

    I’m in for the satellite
    Bob is in for the TOC.
    Congrats to Scott for player of the year!!!

  • steve

    Mark, my sincere apology, manon and I have business, taking care of someone which prevents us from attending. Sorry and good luck to all.

  • JP

    Sorry but I have to back out. Emergency with one of my kids. Good luck all. See you all next year. Thanks to you and Cecile for hosting this year. It was a blast as usual. Cheers for the holidays.

  • Johnny is the satellite winner