2014 Wrap-Up

Tournament of Champions Wrap-Up

Congratulations to Johnny for winning the tournament of champions proving entry by satellite can pay off.



We also understand there’s a bottle of scotch coming Dave’s way

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Final payouts of the year

Tournament of Champions

Johnny 1830$

Cecile 905$

Scott 290$

Robert 80$ (proceeds from deal)

Player Of The Year

Scott 360$

King Of The Bounties

Scott 180$


Thanks everyone for a great year


  • Result of Rule Review

    Prizes allocation will be changed to 50%, 30%, 20% in an attempt to increase prize winnings for third place

    The scheduling of the TOC will be remain unchanged. Every effort possible will be made to schedule the tournament on the first weekend of December

    A late request seemed to have some momentum, therefore we will add 1000$ to the inital chip stack on a trial basis and re-evaluate based on the impact of the end time of the tournament.

  • steve

    Congrats johnny! Thanks for being great hosts marc and cecile

  • Robert

    Congratulations Johnny! Great year everyone, see you all next year.

  • Cheryl Lomas

    Congratulations on the win Johnny! Congratulations Cecile, nice to see the last woman standing finish in the money :). Congrats on getting third and being the knock out king Scott.

    Watch out everyone…January is the start of a new year!