December Poker Weekend and Signup

Congratulations to Mike for winning both Player of the year for 2018 and King of the Bounties with 6 top 2 finishes


Tournament of Champions

Attention now turns to the Tournament of Champions which will have accumulated a pot of over 3000$.   The following players have qualified for the event being held on December 1st at 1:00pm with a buy-in of 40$.

Top 8: Mike, Roger, Scott S, Cheryl, Bob, Trung, Derek, Shawn

House Choice: Marc R

Satellite Winner: Cécile


A seat at the tournament of champions table is awarded to the winner of the satellite tournament.

The following players have played at least 9 events and have qualified for the satellite event:

Peter M, Doug, Cecile, Martine, Dave P, Carole, Scott L, Andrea, Gordon, Garnet, Paul, David H, Mel, Pete, Mark P, Joe


Please confirm below if you will be attending the satellite tournament which is being held on November 30th at 7:00pm with a 30$ buyin with no rebuys.  The only prize being awarded at this tournament is a free entry to the tournament of champions the following day.